CLEARANCE on English•Spanish Books
CLEARANCE on English•Spanish Books
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I, want to be—The Complete Adventure Storybook Series

You will love reading these books to your children! Get our 4 Dual-language Best Sellers!

I, ballerina / Yo, bailarina; Propelled by the young ballerina’s imagination, with visuals that cleverly incorporate

elements of stage and costume design, this delightful book captures the magic and fun of performance in a simple story

and whimsical, color-drenched illustrations. A wonderful message that speaks to the performer in all of us!

I, sailor / Yo, marinero; Travel alongside our hero as he navigates through one magical moment after another at sea,

finally returning home to the ones he loves.

I, astronaut / Yo, astronauts; This visually stunning book artfully depicts the wonders of space, from sun and moon to comets 

and constellations. Traveling through a vast and friendly universe, the astronaut embraces her unique place in it— 

and the joy of spending time with those she loves on earth as well as in the heavens.

I, farmer / Yo, campesino; Winter is over; now it is time to make the earth come alive again! Join a young farmer through

the seasons as he sows and reaps a colorful bounty from the land, taking time to appreciate the beauty of nature,

care for the animals on the farm, spend time with family, rest and play!